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Automotive Paint Booths OSAKA 7200

OSAKA 7200 is designed for painting cars, jeeps and buses. The booths are installed directly on a metal base without being dug. 

They are made of 50 mm thick EPS sandwich panels. 

The inlet air in them has a capacity
of 24 000 m3, which makes them suitable for use with water-based paints and
acrylic paints.

The two input units are
directly coupled, with 4 kW each and Belimo 20N.

The combustion system is designed with the Italian diesel burner Riello G20 - 200 000 Kcal

The lighting is ceiling LED and side
LED - 900 Lux

The filter group ismultilayered, with four filter structures. Reliability and safety.

Reliability and safety

The paint booths are certified and meet all safety standards, with an alarm for over temperature and overpressure installed, whereby the power supply is cut off automatically.


External dimensions –  7000 X 5450 X 3480 mm (L x W x H)

Internal dimensions – 6900 X 3900 X 2800 mm (L x W x H)


The paint booth is for direct installation without digging.

Mounting on a 300 mm metal base over flat concrete floor surface.



Metal base; 2 rows of bars; height 300 mm; 3 pcs. ramps with load capacity on the grate base – 1000 kg per wheel – 4 t. in total. They are with anti-corrosion protection. The ramps are powder coated, anti-corrosion.



3 luxury front doors with 0.8 mm galvanized and powder coated cover.

Dimensions: 3000 (w) x 2750 mm (h).

1 side door with aluminum frame.



EPS sandwich panels, 50 mm. thickness.

Roof panel – galvanized steel.

Aggregate groups:

Fan inlet group – 2 x 4 kW, capacity: 24 000 m3 / h, Belimo 20N – el.

Technology production – SIEMENS, with high air volume and low noise, directly coupled, which makes them very durable.

Fan output group – 1 x 5.5 kW, capacity: 15500 m3 / h, filter – multilayer fiberglass, technological production – SIEMENS, with high air volume and low noise.

Outlet duct size: 4 pieces of galvanized steel air duct 750x750x1000 mm + 1 knee connection / 5 m total.

Riello G20 diesel burner, 200 000Kcal.

/ Warm-up time 5-7 min. (20-60 ° C).

Maximum temperature: 80ºC.

Fuel Consumption: 4-5kg. / Vehicle

Heat Exchanger:

Stainless steel heat exchanger. Degree of heat exchange: 85%.

Chimney 190 mm in diameter, 4 pieces – 1000 mm long and two 90 degrees knee joints.

Multilayer four filter structure. The primary pre-filter captures particles larger than 10 microns, the ceiling filter captures particles larger than 5 microns, the floor and exhaust unit filter capture paint and dust emissions during painting.

Air purity in working chamber reaches 98%.


Lighting: ≥ 900 Lux

24 pcs. x 16w LED ceiling lighting

Lighting is protected from paint, moisture.


Noise level: ≤ 80 dB

Microcomputer control system

  • painting
  • painting with constant temperature
  • drying
  • lighting
  • time for painting and setting the drying time
  • Emergency stop switch, fault indication, etc. 

Overtemperature and overpressure alarm. The power supply is interrupted when the alarm is sounded. This makes the painting booth safe and secure.

    16 pcs. x 16 W LED side lighting.

    2 pcs. ramps at the entrance.

    Price for installation – 1,457.18 EUR excluding VAT within Plovdiv.

    The price includes:

    • free additional side lighting

    • free set of 2 ramps at the entrance

    Everyone who bought a paint shop gets an additional 7% discount on the purchase of a piston compressor.

    Warranty: 18 months

    We are developing offers following the requirements of our clients who are participating in EUROPEAN funding programs.


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