Car Lifts

An indispensable part of each car service equipment

Car lifts

Electro-hydraulic lifts, car lifts, which are having an irreplaceable part of the equipment of any auto service. The machines can respond to operating voltages of 220V and 380V.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we can provide lower and upper synchronization lifts.

We guarantee the safety and security of our customers with high quality, proven with CE Certificate, 24 months warranty and after-sales service.

By purchasing Apex Service lifts, you will receive an additional bus adapter kit (4 pieces) and a limit switch installed as a bonus.

The hydraulic oil and anchors with which we sell our car lifts guarantee easy installation and good operation.

Osaka L-2-40D dual post lift truck with lower synchronization

  • Capacity – 4 tons
  • Maximum lift height – 1 900 mm

Two-post car lift with top synchronization Osaka L-2-40C

  • Capacity – 4 tons

  •  Maximum lift height – 1 900 mm

OSAKA L-4-40B 4-post car lift

  • Capacity – 4 tons
  • Maximum lift height – 175-1800 mm

OSAKA L-S-7 scissor lift

  • Capacity – 3500 kg
  • Maximum lift height – 1000 mm

OSAKA L-S-6  high lifting scissor lift 3.5 tons

  • Capacity – 3500 кг
  • Maximum lift height – 1850 mm

OSAKA L-S-5 high lifting scissor lift 3 tons – for digging

  • Capacity – 3.0 t

  • Maximum lift height – 2130 mm

The price includes anchor bolts, hydraulic oil and а limit switch to protect the hydraulic system from overloading.

Professional lift truck, CE certified, available in stock

Guarantee included – 24 months

Post-warranty service

Guide in Bulgarian

Secured transportation – at client’s request

 We are developing offers following the requirements of our clients who are participating in EUROPEAN funding programs!

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