Non pallet system – for light and medium loads, console, penthouse, mobile. Metal cabinets.

This light storage system is intended to partition the usable storage space into separate zones. This light storage systems are advisable to use in warehouse accommodating a wide range of products of light or medium weight. This system can be easily expanded or modified according to the storage needs at any time. For aggressive environment we offer hot electroplated shelves to complete the system. This boltless storage system enables to solve easily and efficiently all kinds of storage problems using replaceable components. Yet another important feature of this system is its easy installation and level adjustment. Such a system of racks offers greater load volumetric capacity. The esthetic appearance of this system makes it suitable for use in both warehouse and offices.

The beams have been designed so as to allow the use of chip board and metal shelves and we can further offer partition walls and drawers to give this racks the look of completeness. The Easyrack Evolucion System provides endless opportunities for storage solutions: standard racks for manual handling, racks completed with cabinets, partition walls, folder holders and many other different accessories for archiving, warehouse structures with one or two recesses for accessories with upper levels, mobile racks for archives and warehouses, and many other applications.


  • Boltless connection, easy to assemble
  • The narrow beams allow maximum possible utilization of space
  • The wide range of shelf coatings enables you to make the best selection
  • A wide range of sizes
  • Profiles with covert perforation
  • Impeccable esthetic look
  • Great flexibility and functionality

Стелажна система за леки товари


The system is made of the following basic components:

  1. Sill
  2. Beam
  3. Profile R-50
  4. Plastic step
  5. Metal shelves
  6. Stopper
  7. Connecting profile
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    This is a storage system for medium to heavy loads – it can be used in any warehouse where items are handled manually and pallets are not used. To save storage space this system combines different types of storage racking systems. It is most suitable for large supermarkets, distribution facilities, wholesale warehouses and archive repositories. Its variability of level positioning is accomplished by the possibility to rearrange the sills which have been designed to accustom medium loading capacity. The positioning of levels is made by arranging the height of sills. This system allows for fast and easy installation. A number of additional accessories such as metal racks, partition walls, meshed panels and other ensure the system multi-functionality. Items are stored from the floor or at height from the aisles between the racks. 

    We have a unique supporting system made of wood particleboards, which goes well with the sill interior look and allows the metal racks or wood particleboards to be at the same level with the sills.


    • It is made of cold rolled steel
    • The top coating is made of powder painting on epoxy polyester base
    • Access from the warehouse zero /floor/ level
    • Best solution for manual stacking

    За средно-тежки товари

     The system is made of the following basic components:

    1. Frame
    2. Sills
    3. Z-shaped beams
    4. Electroplated panel for picking shelves
    5. Shelves made of wood particleboard
    6. Safety pin
    7. Shelves support
    8. Support planks
    9. Frame plank

      This console storage system is primarily used to store long-sized items because it satisfies the needs to economize storing space. If your intention is to store long loads such as wooden beams, metal or PVC pipes, profiles, this console storage system is your perfect solution. It has an adjustable arm.


      • Fast and easy installation
      • Movable and height-adjustable arms for better optimization of the available storage space
      • Optional use of metal stoppers to prevent items from falling
      • Possibility to build single wall modules or „Christmas tree” type modules

      Конзолна стелажна система

       The system is made of the following basic components:

      1. Arm
      2. Metal stoppers (to prevent the loads from falling down)
      3. Base
      4. Column
      5. Connecting profile

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      The mezzanine storage system is a product that enables our customer to use best the entire space of their warehouse. It allows optimal utilization of available space. Its flexible design enables fast dismounting, removal and mounting in another place or extending the existing structure. The geometry of the bearing beams and sills used in the mezzanine storage system allows for correct and covert laying of electrical wiring installation while keeping the nice outlook of the interior.


      • The bearing sills may be placed 7m away from each other
      • It doubles even triples the warehouse usable area
      • The structure of bearing sills allows antithetical building of electrical wiring installation into the structure
      • Allowing fast dismounting and removal to another place

      Мезонетна стелажна система

       The system is made of the following basic components:

      1. Single column
      2. Double column
      3. Bearing beam
      4. Double bearing beam
      5. Bearing sill
      6. A square for the bearing sill
      7. Bracing element for the bearing sill
      8. Plate (not included)

        The mobile storage system /manufactured exclusively by KIMER/ is a compact archiving system on a mobile base, allowing maximal utilization of available space. The mobile shelves are very useful when the storage space needs to be optimized but not by making several aisles in order to reach the position desired. There is only one access aisle between the different modules of the system. The modules are removed manually on rails placed on the floor so as to form a new aisle. The only thing that needs to be done is to identify the exact point and to form the passageway accordingly. This optimizes the available space and at the same time it guarantees that the archives will be kept well arranged and safe from fire or flood. This system can be easily adapted to any room and used for storing all types of documents, books, technical archives, etc.


        • Reduction of the needed storage space
        • Maximal storage capacity
        • Boltless connection of the metal shelves
        • The first loading platform for mobile sills is 100 mm. high


        Мобилни стелажи - 1 Мобилни стелажи - 2

        This set of multi-functional and reliable metal cabinets is a high quality product offering aesthetically design and satisfying the needs and requirements of all kinds of premises: offices, locker rooms, repositories, schools, sport centers, etc. This modular system allows most diverse combinations to be made for different applications – variable width, one, two or four doors, and different combinations for the interior design. Our cabinets have been designed to be assembled and disassembled so as to adapt easily any time to the space available. All components are made of electroplated carrion-resistant steel guaranteeing their strength and durability. The metal doors, side panels, as well as the front and rear panels are coated with epoxy-polyester paint. The size of wardrobes is 50 cm. depth and 180 cm. height. As accessory to the metal cabinets we offer metal benches to make a perfect complete combination.

        We are the only producer offering on the market cabinets with rounded edges, which are much safer to use. Moreover, the cabinets are all powder painted except for the shelves which are electroplated. This imparts on the cabinets quite an elegant look.


        • Cold laminated metal side panels with low carbon content. The quality of materials used is АР02 or higher, meeting the requirements of standard UNE EN 10025.
        • The depth of component ranges from 0.6 to 1.0 mm. depending on the component.
        • The doors, backs, sides, slanted roof and legs are coated with epoxy-polyester paint.
        • Shelves are electroplated and the base is made of stainless steel.

        Метални шкафчета

         The system is made of the following basic components:


        1. Single door
        2. Side panels
        3. Shelves
        4. Back
        5. Slanted roof
        6. Triangular side panels for the roof
        7. Decorative side panels
        8. Base and legs
        9. Vertical partition wall
        10. Bottom / top frame
        11. Hanger
        12. Hanger holder
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