Pallet Systems

Pallet Systems – standart, drive-in, self-supporting

This arrangement of racks is considered to be the best storage system used to store palletized loads. It is perfect and tested for combined type of loads. It ensures direct access to all pallets at any level. The height and width of aisles may vary according to the size of hoists used. The structure of this standard pallet storage system is suitable for use both in a small warehouse and in a large distribution facility.

We are different from our competitors because we offer a wider range of products on the market, which are 7 different models of frames and 9 different types of sills.


  • Possibility to move each pallet without having to move the other ones which have already been put in place.
  • Best possible arrangement of different loads most diverse in their description.
  • Possibility to adapt to any type of loads in terms of both weight and volume.
  • Easy and secure control of all the stock stored in the warehouse

The system is made of the following basic components:

  • Frame
  • Barrel rail
  • Metal racks
  • Fixture made of wood particleboard
  • Sill
  • Special step
  • Standard step
  • Standard frame protector
  • Double frame protector
  • Supporting profile made of wood particleboard

This system allows for optimization of the storage space in your warehouse and presents a highly effective method of storing huge volumes of more or less identical loads using industrial trucks that go through the storage system itself. The system is highly efficient when it comes to storing homogenous palletized loads. The number of aisles used is reduced to the minimum possible, which results in 85% utilization of the storage space.

We can offer our customers a wide range of frames and sills to complete satisfaction of all their requirements.


  • It works on the LIFO /Last In, First Out/ principle.
  • Suitable for storing homogenous loads.
  • Storage of identical products in one aisle.

The system is made of the following basic components:

  • Upper supporting beam
  • Vertical supporting beam
  • Double rail sill
  • Single rail sill
  • Aligning rail
  • Guiding rail for electrically-driven industrial trucks
  • Main vertical supporting beam
  • Rail sill

This remarkable piece of engineering thought is in fact a self-supporting warehouse structure, where the storage system serves as foundation of the warehouse with a roof and walls to be added. The advantage of this system offers no need of building an entirely new warehouse. This is probably the best solution for arrangement at height because the warehouse structure is made actually by the supporting frames themselves. This self-supporting warehouse structure can be used at normal temperature and at low temperatures as well. It is possible to use different types of industrial trucks.


  • Possibility to introduce different types of automation
  • Best utilization of existing space
  • Low cost of building the storage place
  • Possibility to store loads of diverse characteristics

The system is made of the following basic components:

  • Frames
  • Sills
  • Anchor bolts and steps
  • Roof beams
  • Guiding rail for handling equipment
  • Roof-attachment part
  • Panel-attachment part
  • Roof panel
  • Wall panel

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