Professional Cleaning

The IPC Group is in the top 3 of professional cleaning equipment manufacturers in Europe with extensive experience and five manufacturing bases located in northern Italy.

IPC manufactures cleaning machines for the home, manufacture, and warehouse.




Vacuum cleaners

Steam generators

Window cleaning tools and manual equipment

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Scrubber Dryer IPC CT 15

Scrubber Dryer IPC CT 30-B45

Scrubber Dryer IPC CT 40-BT 50

Side-On Scrubber Dryer IPC CT 160-BT 75R



Manual Push Sweeper IPC 510M

Electric Push Sweeper  IPC 664

Ride-On Sweeper IPC 1280-DP-P

Dual Drive Sweeper IPC 1050DP – P

Vacuum Cleaners For Wet And Dry Cleaning


Vacuum Cleaner For Wet And Dry Cleaning  IPC GS 2/62

Vacuum Cleaner For Wet And Dry Cleaning  IPC GS 3/78

Vacuum Cleaner For Wet And Dry Cleaning  GP 1/16

Vacuum Cleaner For Wet And Dry Cleaning  IPC GP 1/27



Extractor For Wet And Dry Cleaning  IPC GP 1/16 EXT

Extractor For Wet And Dry Cleaning  IPC GP 1/27 EXT

Dust Extractor IPC GS 3/78 CYC With A Cyclone System

Wet And Dry Cleaning Extractor IPC GS 2/62 EXT

Extractor For Dust And Liquids IPC NRG 1/30


The team of Specialists “research and development” continuously works to provide innovations for the cleaning equipment, sustainable technologies with effective solutions and improves the saving of the workforce, electricity, and water and emphasizes the use of recycled materials. The aim is to create the best products with a thought for the sustainable development of the brand.

The group with more than 1000 professionals in the field works in over 120 countries with 10 branches abroad: Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Norway, China, India, USA, Benelux, and Brazil.

The company covers all key markets, providing know-how and consultations; Providing assistance and personal training to clients worldwide; Financial instruments to identify the best economic solutions.

IPC Group has the most comprehensive professional cleaning portfolio and can provide unparalleled product customization to ensure efficiency to meet customers ‘ needs – from cleaning homes to Industrial technical solutions.

Full Range Of Cleaning Equipment

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