December 28, 2016

Service, maintenance and repair of forklifts

Effective and quick service, maintenance and repair of forklifts and Electric lifting trucks by experienced professionals. Each one of the Apex Service technicians has long years of experience with repare of forklifts. The company has more than twenty years of experience in maintenance of warehouse equipment. The company’s poicy is to invest in the education of our technicians and engineers so that our specialist be in line with the latest tendencies of the warehouse technologies development.

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Apex Service is one of the biggest suppliers of spare parts in Eastern Europe. And this much contributes to the fast and easy service as well as the fast maintenance of warehouse equipment. We have at our diposal a storehouse with hundreds of thousands of various spare parts and that helps to reduce the time needed for maintenance of appliances.

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We have at our disposal technical and information library for almost all makes and brands of lifting trucks. Our technicians have access to a huge information base for the fast and easy removal of all and any defects.

Our specialists guarantee that you will get the exact maintenance of your warehouse equipment which you are looking for. Our determined quality of maintenance and repair of forklifts will help you to limit your service costs to the minimum.

Service for all brands of forklifts and warehouse equipment.
Reaction within 24 hours after notice is received.
Minimum machine downtime.
If your machine needs longer time to repair you may use our forklift to hire service.

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Service bases for repair of forklifts.

Fully equipped service bases all over the territory of the country– Apex Service has offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo and Shumen.
More than 10 mobile service teams to perform repairs in place, even if your equipment is in a town or village where we do not have an  office.
Best possible prices.

phone.: 032/606 626
mobile phone: 0889 209 489

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Flexible terms  and individual plans for  subscription service and maintenance, based on the make and model, application and working environment.. get in touch with us and will together elaborate the best possible option for maintenance.