Stackers suitable for any application, load and working environment:

  • Hand Stackers
  • Electric stackers

Available at APEX SERVICE stores throughout the country – Plovdiv, Sofia, Ruse, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Turnovo, Smolyan and Shumen, where you will have the opportunity to check and buy.

Hand Stackers




OSAKA SFHD1025 Hand Stacker 1 ton

OSAKA Manual Fork Over Stacker WMS

Electric Stackers


Electric stacker CROWN ET 4000 with platform

CROWN ES 4000 Electric Stacker without platform

Osaka A20 Electric Stacker

Osaka Electric Stacker CDD14 / 16

Osaka Electric Stacker CDD10-AMC1-SZ 1000 kg 2700 mm

Osaka Electric Stacker CDD10-AMC1-SZ 1000 kg / 3000 mm

Osaka Electric Counterbalance Stacker CBES 12/15/20

Osaka Electric Counterbalance Stacker MRS 12/15/20

Osaka Еlectric Pantograph Reach Stacker WRS 15/45

Osaka Еlectric Stacker PES 15D

Osaka Еlectric Stacker PWS 10S/15S

Osaka Еlectric Stacker WS 10S / 12S / 15SL

Osaka Еlectric Straddle Leg Stacker ES 12/15/20

Osaka Semi Electric Stacker DYC

Osaka Electric Stacker WS10SS

Mitsubishi Electric Stacker SBP10-16N2 Series

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