December 28, 2016

Management policy

At APEX SERVICE we are constantly striving to meet the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders by offering quality products and services, controlling the impact of environmental activities, and encouraging each staff member to contribute to these goals.

For us that means:

  • To research and meet the needs and expectations of our customers from spare parts, trucks and warehouse equipment, to plan adequate company goals and engage all staff for their achievement;
  • Continuously improve the processes and the overall functioning of the company;
  • To maintain relationships with suppliers to ensure that supplies, parts and machines are not defective;
  • To minimize and possibly prevent environmental pollution by adopting and implementing long-term and short-term programs;
  • To make rational use of natural resources;
  • To follow the principles and rules of the integrated management system and to continuously improve its effectiveness;
  • To comply with the applicable legal requirements for all company activities as well as the voluntary requirements related to the management of environmental aspects.

Quality is our guarantee of success!

The management of APEX SERVICE declares the commitments made for:

  • Providing the necessary resources to build, maintain and develop an integrated quality and environmental management system, in particular to meet customer requirements and manage environmental aspects.
  • Disclosure of the current management policy to the knowledge of all stakeholders.